Simplified: Fixing the Too Many Redirects Issue in Magento 2

What is “too many redirects” issue in Magento 2 ?

The “too many redirects” issue in Magento 2 occurs when a website gets stuck in a loop of continuous redirections, preventing users from accessing the intended content. This can happen due to misconfigurations in URLs, server settings, or extensions, causing the browser to endlessly redirect between pages without loading the content properly. Resolving the issue involves identifying and fixing the underlying misconfiguration or conflict.

The “too many redirects” issue in Magento 2 can be caused by a variety of factors related to misconfigurations, conflicts, or errors in the setup of your website or server.

magento 2 too many redirects issue

This is the error you may be seeing.

Here are some common scenarios that can lead to this issue:

The “too many redirects” issue in Magento 2 can be caused by a variety of factors related to misconfigurations, conflicts, or errors in the setup of your website or server. Here are some common scenarios that can lead to this issue:

  1. Incorrect Base URLs:
    If the Base URLs (both secure and unsecure) are not configured correctly in Magento 2 settings, it can trigger redirection loops.
  2. SSL Configuration Issues:
    When using HTTPS (SSL), if the SSL certificate is not properly installed or configured, it can result in redirection problems.
  3. Incorrect Server Configuration:
    Incorrect configuration of your web server (Apache, Nginx) or virtual hosts can cause redirection issues. Misconfigured rewrite rules or server blocks can lead to endless redirection loops.
  4. Conflict in .htaccess Rules:
    If there are conflicting or improperly configured redirection rules in your .htaccess file, it can cause redirection loops.
  5. Cache and Cookies:
    Stale or corrupted browser cookies and cache can sometimes lead to repeated redirections.
  6. Extension or Module Conflicts:
    Some third-party extensions or modules can conflict with Magento’s default behavior, leading to redirection problems.
  7. Incorrect Permissions:
    File and directory permissions that do not allow Magento to function properly can result in unexpected behavior, including redirection loops.
  8. Infinite Redirects in Custom Code:
    Custom code or scripts that perform redirects might have coding errors that create infinite loops.
  9. Improper URL Handling:
    If URLs within your website are not handled correctly, it can lead to a redirection loop when trying to access certain pages.
  10. Proxy or Load Balancer Issues:
    If your website is behind a proxy or load balancer, misconfigurations in these components can cause redirection loops.
  11. Configuration Changes:
    Sometimes, after making changes to the Magento settings or server configuration, the cache needs to be cleared to avoid redirection issues.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you debug and fix the ‘too many redirects’ issue in Magento 2 :

Remember :

Remember to back up any files before making changes and to test the website after each step to see if the issue has been resolved. If you’re not comfortable with these steps, consider involving a Magento developer who can assist you in debugging and resolving the problem.

Step 1: Clear Browser Cache.

  • Before making any changes, clear your browser’s cache and cookies. Sometimes, old cookies can cause redirection problems.

Step 2: Check Base URLs.

  • Go to your Magento 2 admin panel.
  • Navigate to Stores > Configuration > General > Web.
  • Make sure the Base URL and Base URL (Secure) are correctly configured with the appropriate protocol (http or https) and the correct domain.

Step 3: Check .htaccess File:

  • Access your Magento 2 root directory and locate the .htaccess file.
  • Backup the file before making any changes.
  • Look for any custom redirection rules that might be causing conflicts.
  • Ensure that your default .htaccess file is not modified from the original Magento distribution.

Step 4: Check SSL Configuration.

  • If you’re using SSL (https), ensure that your SSL certificate is correctly installed and configured.
  • Make sure the URLs in your Magento configuration match the SSL configuration.

Step 5: Review Virtual Host Configuration (Apache).

  • If you’re using Apache, check your virtual host configuration.
  • Verify that the server name and document root are correctly set.

Step 6: Check for Extensions/Modules.

  • Disable recently installed or updated extensions one by one and test after each disable.
  • Some extensions might conflict with your URL handling and cause redirection issues.

Step 7: Check Server Configuration (Nginx).

  • If you’re using Nginx, review your server block configuration.
  • Ensure that the server_name and root directives are configured correctly.

Step 8: Check Cookies and Sessions.

  • Clear Magento’s cache and session directories located in var/cache and var/session.

Step 9: Reset Permissions

  • Check that the file and directory permissions in your Magento 2 installation are set correctly. Incorrect permissions can cause unexpected behavior.

Step 10: Check for Infinite Redirects.

  • Review your custom code for any infinite redirection loops.
  • Make sure you’re not accidentally redirecting to a URL that triggers another redirect.

Step 11: Reindex and Flush Cache.

  • Refresh your Magento 2 indexes and flush the cache from the admin panel.

Step 12: Check Server Log.

  • Check web server’s error logs for any clues about the redirection issue.

Still facing issue of too many redirects?

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In conclusion, fixing the “too many redirects” issue in Magento 2 is essential. By identifying and resolving misconfigurations or conflicts causing redirection loops, websites can ensure smooth navigation and content access for visitors.

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